Our first encounter with the industry sector began in 1972 with factory roof production, stationary fuel oil tank and water pipe network construction, steel construction and various different subcontracting works.

Later, our firm actively began steel braided sieves production in Ankara’s Ostim Industrial Zone in 1983. In line with the changing market conditions and closely monitoring the technological developments, our
firm went through a total reconstruction in its production, marketing and administration staff in order to provide the best with the most reasonable prices to our distinguished customers and to country’s economy. In 2000, we included polyurethane sieves production to our already existing activities.

Our greatest wish and hope is to increase our country’s dependence to foreign firms into a minimum in the sector we are serving at, to make the best possible, to widen and develop our production scale and to contribute our customers to increase their productivity.

Our firm enjoys the honour of contributing to country’s economy by exporting our products to Balkan, Russian, Middle East and African Countries including the Turkish Republics as well as selling them to thousands of stone quarries, sand-pebble enterprises, natural resources companies, cement industries, fertilizer factories and chemical

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